Wraith Turbo Interceptor Kit
Wraith Turbo Interceptor Kit
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UPDATE:  July 18th, 2009.  As a lot of you know, this project has been on hold for several year, for several reasons throughout the process.  Over the years, I've been judging interest from those that want to just see the car, and those that actually want to purchase the kit, and I believe there isn't enough interest for me to put in several thousands of dollars to put this kit on the market as my main source of income for the business.  This doesn't mean I am not going to do the kits.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  I'm still doing the kit, but the project will move forward on my own car, using my own spare time, (which isn't much) with my own money, and at my own pace.  I do appreciate all the people that have shown interest in this kit over the many years I've been sculpting miniatures, fabricating build plans, scrapping everything and starting over several times, troubleshooting hardware/windows/hinge issues, and getting final assembly instructions for the full size build.  I love hearing from people that have a love for this car as much as I do, even if they are just wanting to see the finished car, but are not interested in actually purchasing a kit. 

I'm not going to be showing in progress pictures (except for the 2 miniature images below) until the kit is done and ready to sell.  When will it be done???  I don't even know.  It will rely on my spare time, spare money, and how long it takes to get everything perfect in my eyes.

Thanks again for all the support.  I look forward to showing the car in it's completed form somewhere down the road in the future.

Wraith Innovations
One of my first 12th scale clay miniatures
The Final framework miniature in 10th scale
Here are some images from the movie of the car I'm trying to replicate.