Bat Rescue
Bat Rescue
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-  08-22-08  -
This bat was found on the ground by my sister.  It couldn't fly so she scooped it up in a dog food scooper and called me, since she knows I love bats.  It seems to either be injured or sick, maybe with rabies, but I don't know for sure.  I'm treating it as the worst case scenario, just in case, but still hoping to get the little feller back up in the sky if it is just a simple injury.
-  08-23-08  -
The next day, this little guy (or girl) still wasn't eating and wouldn't drink either, but in the afternoon, he was getting pretty hyper, so I brought him out and let him get some crawling excercise on the box/cage.  He went to the top and tried to fly off, but didn't get up in the air.  He just fell to the table and kept flapping for a few seconds.  I picked him up with the gloves and held him over a carpet so he could try again without falling to a hard surface, but he still was not able to actually fly.  He tried several times and after each time, he'd crawl towards me and get up on my glove so I could lift him up.  Finally, he got tired and just went crawling on the floor, exploring.  He was great about getting on my glove when I put it out for him to get on.  After playing with him a bit, I'm pretty sure he's just old or ill, but not rabid.

That evening, he still wouldn't eat or drink and wasn't moving much when I picked him up, so I brought him inside the house and let him sit on my leg while we watched "Serenity" on DVD.  He died before the movie ended, but without pain or discomfort.  I guess it wasn't much of a "rescue," but at least he died here with me, rather than on the cold ground or eaten by a dog or cat.